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Çahit is a senior warrior of the Hulun, though he is known more for his leatherwork than for his fighting skills. He is an important personality in K'harg's band.


Like many warriors of his age, Çahit shaves his scalp bald with a bone knife. His skin is a deep olive and he has thick, black eyebrows. Çah is tall and athletically built, with an elaborate geometric tattoo covering his entire back. He is rarely to be found without a pair of throwing axes hanging from his belt; his close-quarters weapon of choice, unusually, is the whip.

Since the death of her husband, Lek, Çahit has been Anna's lover. He is forty-seven years old.


As a young man Çahit was a member of G'heeg's band: the same age as K'harg, he did not initially support the rebellion, being much more concerned with his craft and hunting than with war and politics. His brothers, however, were all friends of K'harg and subsequently banished as pariahs. His position untenable, Çahit spent some years working as a leatherworker at Forl before following Anna to K'harg's band. Anna fled G'heeg's host because she had fallen in love with one of K'harg's warriors, a man named Lek whom she later married.

Çahit was in love with Anna but kept his feelings hidden: Lek was a respected warrior and good man. Çah was very much a marginal figure in the tribe, though he did fight at the Battle of Rem. When Lek was ultimately killed in the inter-band conflict following the Night of Flames Çah supported and comforted Anna, ultimately becoming her lover.

Role in the Story so FarEdit

Çahit, Anna and Hadrek were the three warriors sent to relieve Grolik, Grimach and Amond of their sentry duties at the north-western gate. Grolik failed to alert any of them of the snare he had placed, earning a cautionary rebuke from the old warrior. However, he later admits to Grolik that the snares had been a good idea, though Grolik admits it had been Ret who had come up with the idea. Çahit demonstrates his lighter side as they make their way to Calath's Last Stand; later, he and Anna lead the breakaway hunting party with Bolen, Grimach, Grolik and Lugana.

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