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Aelwynn is an adept and minor figure in K'harg's band; she shares a tent with Limda, Lugana, Perèliel and Vashka .


Aelwynn is an incredibly bright but socially maladjusted young lady. Her slight frame and awkwardness make her ill-suited to many of the traditional roles associated with the Hulun; she was assigned the role of an adept almost as a compromise, not because she showed any of the patience and sensitivity associated with the role. She rarely gets to exercise her intelligence other than in the learning of new languages, which she does competitively with Lugana.

Aelwynn is skinny with straight, mousey hair and sharp features all seeming to point towards her thin, tightly pursed lips. Her skin is a light olive and she is usually dressed in the white linens associated with the adepts.


Role in the Story so FarEdit

Aelwynn was one of the adepts providing barley porridge in the morning after the Feast of Xa. She accosted Lugana before she was able to peek into Ozrael's tent, bemoaning the fact that she was to be left behind with the youngest children whilst her friends Sor, Zanti and Yerma joined Bundu's expedition.

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