Ahmut is a respected Hulun warrior, minor figure amongst K'harg's band and father of the sorcerer Marek.


An athletically built man approaching his fortieth birthday, Ahmut is a warrior through and through. He has tattooed his pale flesh in the traditional Hulun manner and shaves his scalp entirely bald. He is a quietly spoken, stern man who would prefer for his great club to speak for him.

Ahmut is thirty-nine years old.


Ahmut was born to a small raiding and herding band south of the Great River. They were never under the yolk of the tyrant G'heeg, and fought by K'harg's side in the events leading up to the Battle of Rem. Prior to the battle, he led a war band that raided Rem, taking Aisha for his wife. Ahmut fought fiercely at the Battle of Rem and was invited to join K'harg's band.

Aisha was initially happy to put her past behind her, but her relationship with the stoic Ahmut was volatile. Together they had a son, Marek, who inerited much more of his mother's characteristics than his father... Aisha remained with the Hulun solely for her son's benefit, fearing what would become of this gentle child.

During the Night of Flames Aisha was murdered as a witch, when in fact she was covering for Marek's own magical powers. Though Ahmut vowed revenge, his wish was never granted. It was a tumultuous period in Hulun history and the aftermath left many ends untied. Ahmut became even more withdrawn as a result, unable to reconcile his desire for justice with the greater political needs ofthe tribe. he struggled to raise Marek, preferring to venture on as many raiding or martial expeditions as possible. As a result, Marek received none of the formal rites-of-passage afforded to all Hulun, and Ahmut's son has occupied an uncertain niche within the band.

Unusually, Ahmut shares a tent with his son and no others, though the young adept Zanti occasionally takes care of them and may be Ahmut's lover.

Role in the Story so FarEdit

At the Feast of Xa Ahmut was among the warriors selected for K'harg's expeditionary force. He elected not to bid his son farewell, prompting Marek's angry flight from the camp. Later, the tent shared by father-and-son was burned to the ground by an as yet unnamed arsonist. Marek has been identified as the most likely culprit.

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