The Band of Mezim is an extremely warlike Hulun warrior band, named for their leader, Mezim , son of Huth. Their traditional lands border Raven lands south of Rem.


Mezim's people are fanatical followers of the Gods of War and Destruction. Their elders are all shaman of Arag or Temera (depending on sex). Once a fierce and disruptive force in the plains, they were somewhat cowed when their champion and war chief Huth was bested by K’harg in single combat, and have pledged their allegiance ever since. However, Mezim son of Huth is growing in stature after leading raids against Rem, and long ago swore a blood oath to avenge his father’s death.

Mezim is a frenzied berserker. These warriors are anointed by the shaman of Arag and granted the fierce and uncontrollable rage that Arag possessed in the later tales of his exploits. In return for their power it is said they lose much control...

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