My father will do what is right: I know you know this. But in such a venture he trusts only in his old comrades. We need bold, young blood at his side if we are to be victorious. I ask only that you put yourself forward to ride at my side if tonight, as I suspect, he is to announce that once again we will be at war with the Raven...

K'harg's eldest son and heir apparent, a significant personality within the Hulun and well known beyond that tribe. Named after- and not to be confused with- the Spirit of the North Wind .


Tall, handsome and with dark skin and deep chestnut eyes, Baras is K'harg's eldest son and heir apparent. A skilled wielder of the great club, Baras has proved his worth in battle on many occasions. Many have noted that he lacks his father's diplomatic skills, despite being an amiable and assuring presence. He is very popular amongst ordinary tribespeople and could probably take his pick of women to choose as his wife: however, Baras is devoted to his chestnut mare, Malé, and to battle.

Baras has two brothers who have left K'harg's band and several half brothers, including Talek. His father adopted Ezra when he was six years old, and considers her a blood relative.

Baras is twenty-four years old.


Baras was the offspring of K'harg and Selene, K'harg's first wife. He was born shortly before K'harg was expelled from G'heeg's band, and spent the first few years of his life in the Three Rivers community.

Role in the Story so FarEdit

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