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Daromir is a leading figure amongst the Hulun. He is a respected scout and hunter, and a close confidant of K'harg.


The Hulun are known as a tribe of herders and raiders: they keep horses and follow the aurochs and are feared in battle. Amongst their number, however, they count an accomplished hunter by the name of Daromir. His exemplary tracking skills and ability to blend seamlessly into the wilderness means that he is often called upon to train the burgeoning retinue of scouts whom many credit with the Hulun's ability to defeat foes of much greater strength. Daromir is tall and lean , dark skinned and stern of expression. He speaks rarely, but has an odd almost mother-son relationship with tribal shaman Moraath. He tries to stay out of tribal politics, however.

Daromir is 36 years old.


Moraath was enslaved by the Raven as a young boy, but was later cast out as a pariah. He joined Moraath's Pariahs of Empala at the age of sixteen, followed the shaman into war at the Battle of Rem and has been a member of K'harg's band ever since.

Role in the Story so FarEdit

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