"Just as I thought: this beast is Lomnu's, the old shaman-of-the-plains. He never goes anywhere without his companion... we have done a bad thing, children..."

Eyg is a minor figure in K'harg's band, an elder Hulun scout and brother of Anna.


Eyg is a wiry, sharp-eyed hunter; he specialises in tracking and capturing wild animals, and is expert at fashioning items from their hides. He no-longer embarks on minor scouting expeditions, being of elder years. He has a sharp face and keen blue eyes, and is bald but for the long siver braid extending from the back of his head. This' characteristic he shares with his sister: it was a traditional hairstyle of many of the southern bands up until the death of G'heeg and the collapse of his war band.


Eyg and Anna grew up in a small band that was almagamated with G'heeg's host when they were both young.Following K'harg's expulsion, Anna left to join her lover Lek, but Eyg remained along with the majority of their family. Following g'heeg's defeat by K'harg he joined K'harg's band, and has been a loyal- if unrenowned- supporter for the past 17 years.

Eyg is 56 years old.

Role in the Story so FarEdit

Eyg was present at the southeastern gate following the Feast of Xa; along with Ret and Bolen, he was responsible for the slaying of Lomnu's panther. Impressed by Ret's boldness and combat prowess, he personally selected the young warior to join him on his expedition to find the rebel Marek.

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