I do not speak with gods, nor with the spirits.

I honour them but my power comes from within me , not from the heavens...

Fanwé is an elder of the Hulun tribe, significant personality and- by virtue of her seniortiy and power- the peacetime leader of all the Hulun. She is a powerful sorceress.


Short and emaciated, Fanwé is considered very old by Hulun standards at sixty five years of age. She has dark brown skin and bares many lines in her face from years of living under a heavy sun. Her clothes are little more than rags hanging off her body, and her stern expression matches her taciturn demeanour. As much as she is loved by the tribe as a great protector and wise counsellor, she is feared for the mighty power she wields.

The elder has supported K'harg- the self-styled war chief of the Hulun- since his rise to power. She is a member of his band and a close advisor however, she worries that his time may soon come, being a warrior, and that his successor may not be able to match K'harg's diplomatic capabilities. She fears the rise of the empire in the south, and recognises that the unchanged way of life of the people of the plains may at last be facing a powerful threat.


Early LifeEdit

Born sixty five years ago to a pair of unassuming warriors within the Hulun, Fanwé's life got off to an inauspicious start when she was taken for a slave by a Moray raiding party...

The Wandering SorceressEdit

After the confrontation at Rem, Fanwé left the Plains and travelled south to the city of Tlön.

Three RiversEdit

Fanwé returned to Rem to find the town much changed, and did not remain, instead heading straight for Three Rivers.

Battle of RemEdit

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Night of FlamesEdit

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Role in the Story so Far

On the day of the Feast of Xa Fanwé spent a great deal of time in close counsel with the young boy Marek, who escorted her to the feast in time to witness K'harg's speech. It was she who organised the remainder of the band to deal with the mysterious fire at Marek's tent. Confornted by rumours that Mrek was the perpetrator of the act, Fanwé insisted that no judgement be passed until Marek was given the chance to speak for himself. She nevertheless agreed to send out scouts to trace theerrant young man. Fanwé was noticeably subdued the following day when she delegated most of the organising of the band to Anna.

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