Hadrek, Amond, Çahit: stay firm, guard the entrance. This could be a trap!

Hadrek is an elder Hulun, well versed in scouting and hunting. He is a peripheral figure in K'harg's band.


Short and squat with copper-coloured skin, Hadrek wears his long grey hair loose. The top of his head is balding and he usually wears a hide cap to cover this. Hadrek has a long, grey beard

Hadrek is sixty-years-old.


Hadrek was one of the scouts expelled from G'heeg's band following K'harg's uprising. He has been a loyal follower of K'harg ever since, but is more at home on the hunt or fashioning wooden tools than tracking enemies. He took a wife from the village of Three Rivers, who died when their first child was born. His son is one of Daromir's scouts.

Role in the Story so FarEdit

Hadrek, Anna and Çahit were all sent to relieve Amond , Grimach and Grolik from their sentry duties at the north-western gate. He was present when Amond and Grimach identified Marek in the long grass, and remained to guard the entrance with Amond as Tudaam, Grimach and Grolik pursued Anna towards the fire at Marek's father's tent.

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