You realise we live in a place called the PLAINS, don't you? Probably not even a tree for another three miles...

Hyrma is a young Hulun warrior in K'harg's band. She is an emerging personality within the band.


Hyrma is a bright, engaging young woman and a very popular member of the band. this may in part be due to her exceptionally fine features and dazzling blue eyes. She is copper skinned and her long, straight black hair is worn in a single braid down her back. She prefers to fight with two weapons, usually a hand axe in each hand.

Hyrma is nineteen years old.


Hyrma's parents both fought alongside K'harg at the Battle of Rem but were otherwise fairly anonymous members of the tribe. Just before Hyrma embarked on the year-long trial marking her transition into womanhood, her father was killed fighting Pariahs. Her mother has gone into a long period of mourning, filling her time as a craftswoman and jeweler.

Her trial really was the making of her: Hyrma's bereavement drove her to her physical and mental limit, but it has also made her sanguine and helps her maintain her cheery aattitude.

Presently she shares a tent with Mariana and the adepts Zanti and Yerma.

Role in the Story so FarEdit

Hyrma formed the vanguard of Bundu's expedition to the ford, alongside Tudaam and Mariana.

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