"That is the least of our worries: look!"

All eyes fall momentarily on Leela; her outstretched hand pointing towards the burning tent 100 feet to the north of their present spot

Leela is a Hulun warrior, herder and basket-weaver. She is a minor figure within K'harg's band.


A powerfully built woman in her early forties, Leela is about 5'4" and is covered in tribal tattoos. She has, however, kept her face clear. She has deep brown hair of about shoulder length, usually tied back. Leela is not known to have a good sense of humour, and takes her duties very seriously. She has two children, Akka and Nevin. Nevin travels with her father's band, part of the Beyond-the-River Clan.

Leela is forty-three years old.


Leela and her lover were both supporters of K'harg during the uprising, and were expelled alongside Lek and Ozreal.

Role in the Story so FarEdit

Leela had been vocal about her exclusion from K'harg's raiding party, but embraced he role as camp protector wholeheartedly. Leela was posted to relieve Bolen, Lugana and Ret from guard duty; it was she who spotted the fire at Marek's tent. On the following day, she joined one of the many small scouting parties that ventured into the wilderness to capture game and keep patrol the surrounding lands.

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