"Whatever is good for the tribe is good for the family, and vice versa..."

Limda is a young Hulun scout and minor figure in K'harg's band. She is one of the young women who shares a tent with Lugana.


Limda is a family-oriented woman. She is strong, both physically and mentally, very loyal to the Hulun and their values, and a good friend of Vashka . She is probably already planning to get married to some guy in the tribe, making plans of moving away from their shared tent into one with her future husband, having a bunch of kids, stuff like that. She trained as a scout and is an adept combatant. Limda genuinely likes Lugana for herself. She has noticed the bard's way with children, and they both agree that since children are the future of the tribe, they need all the attention they can get. Only Lugana, with her usual short attention span, is nowhere as dedicated to the task as the other woman, and much of Lugana's love for children is because she's still mentally closer to a child than an adult. But the gods know she tries, the family woman can see that, and even though she shakes her head at Lugana sometimes, she really does have a soft spot for the clueless young bard.

Limda is twenty one years old. She shares a tent with Aelwynn, Lugana, Perèliel and Vashka.


Raised in a neighbouring camp, when Limda turned fifteen her parents thought it would do her good to leave and embark on her trial with K'harg's band. Though a capable and popular girl, her parents felt she needed toughening up away from the comforts of her family.

Initially distraught, she came into her own following her trial and grew to love her new friends. She came to regard the tribe as her wider family, and saw it as her duty to defend and protect the tribe to the best of her ability. Daromir has kept a close eye on her progress, and summoned her to join him on his initial expedition to the highlands.

When Limda first joined K'harg's band she shared a tent with many other girls her age: some of these have joined other bands, some have married and started families, one was slain in battle last winter. Only Vashka remains from the original group, and the two have a very close friendship.

Role in the Story so FarEdit

Limda was invited by Daromir to join his expediton to the HIghlands: prior to the Feast of Xa, she joined the scouts in rallying the neighbouring Hulun camps in K'harg's war with the Raven.

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