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Mariana is a young Hulun warrior. She is a minor figure in K'harg's band.


Mariana is a tall and athletic young woman with dark hair and complexion. She usually wears her hair loose when not riding into battle. A friend of Vashka and Limda, she did not join them in K'harg's raiding party as she is currently two months pregnant. She has not revealed who is the father of her child, though rumours abound that Baras may be the father.

Mariana is twenty-one years old.


Mariana was born the daughter of a minor Hulun warriors. Her mother was slain during a clash with pariahs ten years ago. She has been a member of K'harg's band since birth and is a close friend of Ezra .

Role in the Story so FarEdit

MAriana spoke at the meeting the morning after the Feast of Xa. She rode at the vanguard of the foraging party with Bundu, Hyrma and Tudaam.

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