Melor is an elder Hulun warrior and marginal figure within K'harg's band, though originally of Holis' band, being of Svord descent.


Melor is a stocky, strong man recently retired from regular combat duties. His long fair hair has turned white with age and is beginning to recede at the temples. He keeps his face clean shaven.

Melor is fifty-three years old.


Melor was parrt of the Svord clan that migrated to the south of the GretaRiver as the Beyond-the-River clan began to dominate Hulun politics in that region. As the clan dwindled over the years, he remained loyal and has acted as Holis' military advisor since his thirties. During the Night of Flames he lost his wife, but has reffused to accept that Holis was responsible for her death.

Melor's three children all married women of the Threem, and are honourary members of that tribe.

Role in the Story so FarEdit

Melor was assigned to guard the south-western gate alongside Eyg and Leela. He remained on duty with Ret and Eyg as Bolen, Lugana and Leela went to extinguish the fire at Marek's tent. Melor formed part of the rear-guard of Bundu's foraging party.

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