I am sorry Fanwé... I know how you love him, how you love all of us. But I saw him: I saw Marek burn the tent...

Nina is a young Hulun girl, a member of Holis' band currently seeking the protection of K'harg. She is a marginal figure in the tribe.


Nina is 5'0" tall but insists she is still grwoing. She has very fair almost white hair, pale skin and clear blue eyes. She is a quiet girl who does not get on well with other children her own age, especially those not of her band. Nina does little to contribute to daily life, preferring to spend time on her own outside the camp. She does take an interest in tribal stories and ituals, however, and may yet find a useful role as a tribal adept. Like all of Holis' band she claims Svord descent.

Nina is twelve years old.


Born to an adept named Bet and an unnamed warrior father, Nina has spent her whole life wandering the plains with Holis' band. Even in her short life, she has witnessed the dwindling of this once great clan, their greatest low arriving when forced to join K'harg's band last winter.

Her father left when she was a young girl.

Role in the Story so FarEdit

During the Feast of Xa , Nina was approached by Tolor before he rode to battle. He had been unable to locate his daughter, Lugana , and entrusted Nina to pass on an important item to her. Following the burning of Marek's tent, Nina stepped forward, claiming to have witnessed Marek commit the act of arson. Her account was deemed to be reliable by most present, though she was questioned by Grimach and Fanwé remained suspicious. Nina was part of Bundu's foraging expedition, along with other members of her band, including Holis and Melor .

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