Perèliel is a member of K'harg's band and a marginal figure amongst the Hulun. She shares a tent with Lugana.


Perèliel is a young tribeswoman who joined K'harg's band in the winter, as many smaller groups began to seek the support of their chief. She arrived alone and stayed for some time with Fanwé before being sent to live with Vashka, Lugana , Aelwynn and Limda. Olive skinned with brown hair, the young woman has is slightly plump though wears loose fitting linens more common amongst settled peoples. She has a round, pleasant face but often wears a vacant or distant expression. Perèliel is incredibly quiet; even Limda has been unable to coax much out of her beyond the monosyllabic answers. She has an ill-defined role within the tribe, though often assists the adepts. Sometimes she is seen speaking with Fanwé When her work is done she wanders the wilderness, returning to her tent only to sleep, and getting up before her comrades have awoken.

Perèliel is probably aout nineteen years old, though no one can confirm this.


Nothing is known of Perèliel's origins. She bears one or two Hulun tattoos, suggesting that she has been through her coming of age, and she seems to have the support of Fanwé, but little else.

Role in the Story so FarEdit

Perèliel has not played any part in the story so far.

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