Sor is a Hulun adept and minor figure in K'harg's band.


A light skinned, tall and thin young man with gentle brown eyes, Sor was always too gentle to make it as a warrior or scout. Having not exhibited the earlier characteristics of a shaman or sorcerer, Sor was sent to the adepts so that he could fulfill a useful role within the tribe. He has developed as a healer, and contributes to tribal rituals.

Sor is nineteen years old.


Sor's parents are both minor warriors in the tribe, though both are now better known as craftsman. They have travelled with K'harg since his expulsion from G'heeg's band, so were a little surprised to find their son show none of their battle hardiness. Nevertheless, they are proud of their son's role within the tribe.

Role in the Story so FarEdit

Sor helped prepare food for the Feast of Xa, and engaged in some of the rituals following K'harg's slaying of the bull. The following day he helped prepare food for the band meeting, and he joined Bundu's foraging party, much to the chagrin of Aelwynn, who begrudged being left behind whilst he and Zanti got to leave the camp.

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