Talek is a Hulun youth and son of K'harg . He is the half brother of Baras, Ezra is his adopted sister. His familial ties make him an important figure within the tribe.


Baras' younger half-brother is a popular youth amongst the tribespeople; however, he lacks his sibling's decisiveness in combat and is much more at home amongst nature than in battle. This is not considered too much of a problem as he is only thirteen summers old, but soon he will be expected to undertake his initiation into manhood: privately, K'harg is apprehensive about his son's chances of success in this venture. Talek bears a strong resemblance with his father but differs from him int hree distinct ways. He is much lighter of complexion, leaner of build- and, unusually- his hair is an almost white blonde, though it matches his father's tightly-coiled texture. Talek is good natured and honest, but enjoys practical jokes and has occasionally upset other youths, though they are often quick to forgive him.


Talek's mother, Elma, was K'harg's second wife. She died in childbirth and had not previously borne any other children. He does, however, have many half brothers, though Baras is the only one who remains within K'harg's band.

Talek is only just cominginto his own. His father would like him to be a warrior, but he is most at home in nature and it may be that the path of the scout will prove the best comprimise.

Role in the Story so FarEdit

Talek and his friends interrupted Baras' speech to Ret and Grolik with some good natured playfighting. The following day he joined many of the children his age on Bundu's foraging expedition.

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