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The mother-at-battle. A major deity. Goddess of war and motherhood.


War, Protection, Strength


The Bear.

Worship and FollowersEdit

Myths and LegendsEdit

Long ago the people of the plains did not herd animals or follow the seasonal rhythms: they hunted with primitive tools and dwelt in caves. Men hunted and fought, women foraged and tended to the young. A dark shadow fell across the land and made the people its slaves. Mighty warriors went to the caves and saw that all the men were slain to quell any future uprising.

Amongst the survivors was Temera. She was a powerful woman who had hidden her only son from the warriors. She gathered the women of her tribe and rode into battle the spirit-mare Miromar. Thus was born the traditions of horsemanship and female warriors that has persisted to this day.

In her final battle with the dark horde she had no choice but to ride into battle with her child strapped to her back. She fought twice as hard, ensuring that her child was protected whilst simultaneously seeking out her enemies. Though she was slain, Raad took pity on her and placed her in the heavens as a constellation. Over the centuries she has been worshipped as a goddess, and

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