Very well: mother, would you honour us with the tale of how you defeated the Tolda champion in hand-to-hand combat?

Tolor is a respected Hulun warrior and minor figure in K'harg's band. He is the father of Lugana.


Tolor is a tall, athletic, dark skinned Hulun warrior. A kind and good natured man, he nevertheless is famed for his prowess in combat, where he wields his greatclub Mahgator. Tolor has a love of legends and stories that he has passed on to his daughter and only child Lugana. There is a sadness to the man, however: he lost his partner and mother of his child Magha when Lugana was born. Tolor is a devout follower of Temera, having been raised by a mighty warrior-woman, Rasth.

Tolor is thrity-nine years old.


Role in the Story so FarEdit

Tolor was chosen to join K'harg in his quest to expel the invading Raven forces. He was unable to say farewell to Lugana before he left, instead he asked the young Svord Nina to pass on a memento to his daughter.

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