Vashka is a young Hulun warrior and emerging figure in the Hulun tribe. She shares a tent with Aelwynn, Limda, Lugana and Perèliel.


Vashka is tall and slender but with a strength belied by her elegant figure. She is a graceful and skilled warrior, almost dancing through her opponents defenders. Olive skinned and with long, straight brown hair, Vashka is one of the most desired of the young Hulun women. However, she is less concerned with finding a mate than she is with achieving legendary status on the battlefield, her mother and grandmother both having been great champions. At times she can appear serious or even morose, but those that know her are aware of her dry sense of humour and consideration for those not as physically capable as she.

Limda is without a doubt her closest friend: the two young women followed different paths, but have been tent-mates since they began their trial into adulthood.


Vashka the youngest of five children, all raised by their mother and the adepts. Her father belonged to the band of the warrior Huth, who was slain by K'harg in the events prior to the Battle of Rem. Vashka's mother was a tough warrior and left much of the duties of childcare to the adepts. She seeks to emulate her mother's prowess on the battlefield and is making excellent progress: her grandmother left her a masterwork flint battle axe upon her death after Vashka bested each of her brothers and sisters in unarmed combat.

Role in the Story so FarEdit

Vashka was among the warriors selected by K'harg to repel the Raven invaders. She left surely after the Feast of Xa and will no doubt meet her friend Limda on the battlefield.

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