Wernek's Ascension refers to both the historical/mythological event where the sage Wernek ascended to the heavens or the site where this event was said to take place.

Wernek's Ascension- the SiteEdit


A huge boulder shaped like a disk atop a slight bluff. Visible for miles, it is used as a wayfinder by travellers on the Plains. it is part of the traditional Hulun migratory route, though it is an unpopular place to camp as it is far from a reliable water source.


About six miles north of the ford at the Ur, thirty miles north-west of Forl and three days ride from the Three Rivers .

The story so far...Edit

Wernek's Ascension was the site chosen by K'harg to base camp for the Feast of Xa, and thus became the site where the expeditionary force against the Raven was mustered. Lugana chose to hide hear after the events of that feast, it was here that she encountered Grimach, who had been drawn there after witnessing some curious lights. Wyk was also drawn to this spot for the same reason and, after Grimach and Lugana left, received a sign that Lomnu's panther was endangered.

Legend of Wernek's AscensionEdit

Werenek-the-Wise was an ancient shaman who- according to Hulun legend- was granted a seat at the table of Raad in return for his great wisdom and noble life. The site marks the spot where this ascent into the heavens is said to have occurred.

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