Since those days, our people have followed the herd of the Great Bull across the plains. We remember and revere Xa, whose children's blood gave our people the strength to ultimately free themselves from the clutches of the hideous giants

-Lugana , Hulun Storyteller

Xa is the Great Spirit of the Auroch, the huge bovines who wander the plains, followed by the Hulun. Xa is especially revered by these pastoralist, who credit the blood of the bull with their strengthand power.


Xa only appears in one of the traditional stories of the Hulun, that of Arag, Xa and Miromar. The tale is celebrated annually at the Feast of Xa traditionally marking the end of winter. However, worship of Xa is very much a part of Hulun daily life- he is considered to be a living spirit inhabiting the body of the alpha bull of the auroch herd. Everyyear this bull is sacrificed at the feast that bears his name.

Worship and FollowingEdit

All Hulun revere Xa. Warriors pray to him for strength and drink a preparation made from bull's blood, buttermilk and fermented barley before going into battle. This prepartion is also a traditonal hunters drink as it is light and can provide sustenance for long journeys. Amongst the adepts, it is those who work closely with the herd who revere him most.

There are no dedicated shaman or clerics of Xa, however: like the spirits, he is considered to dwell both in the realm of the living and that of the spirits. Spirit shaman recognise his presence as a guiding force amongst the herd, recognising a great shape hovering over them, centred upon the alpha male of the herd.

The first month of the year is named for Xa, and the year begins with his feast, on the new moon before the spring equinox.

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